Join Our Affiliate Program


If you have a web site already, or if you are thinking about developing a web site, we invite you to join our Affiliate Program. By referring customers to our site you earn a 12% commission on all referred sales. Additional incentives are also available for high performance affiliates.

The process of signing up and earning residual income is FREE and EASY!


About is an online jewelry retailer and wholesaler from China. We sell trendsetting alternative metal jewelry - fromstainless steel bracelets & chains925 sterling silver pendantstitanium health therapy jewelry to tungsten wedding rings. Our wide collection and constant introduction of new products has attracted many customers from around the world. We offer worldwide free shipping and 30-day returns.
How does it work?
You display a text link or banner on your website (we supply the banners); and when someone clicks on this and makes a purchase from, you earn 12% commission on the total sale amount (i.e. 12% of the gross sales)!  You are not limited to just banners. You can place actual products on your website which can be bought with a click, and you can feature banners, links and products in newsletters you send out.   Our affiliate partners, and clixGalore, track the leads you generate with banners, and pay you for all commissions earned.  It is simple and easy.  
What does it cost?
It is FREE!  There is no fee for joining our Affiliate Program. Simply sign up at ShareASale or clixGalore, and the whole sign up process only takes about a few minutes.
How is the system managed?

The whole system is managed by a third party affiliate network: and clixGalore. and clixGalore are respected industry leaders that provides state-of-the-art tracking system at absolutely no charge to you. Their system has two clear advantages:

  • When a visitor to your site clicks on the banner ad, they are directed to our site.  If that redirected customer then then leaves our site without ordering, you will still be credited for the sale if they return to our site to purchase as much as 60 days later. You'll still be credited for the sale even if they do not return directly to the same page in our store.
  • You can log into the and systems at any time to track your sales and commissions. Everything is handled automatically through and, so there's no need to worry about lost transactions. The system will show exactly how many items you've sold, up to the minute, with a fully detailed description of each transaction including commission earned.
How do affiliates get paid?
  •  Your commission checks and commission sales that you generate are managed directly by our affiliate partners (ShareASale and clixGalore) and all commissions are paid directly by our affiliate partners.
  •  For detailed policy in payout, please check with our affiliate partners - and - for further detail
Should you have further questions about our Affiliate Program, just contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.